Zambonis and Mistletoe - A Holiday Romance (The Renegades Book 4) - Melody Heck Gatto, Kat McCarthy, Bree Scalf

Melody Heck Gatto’s Zambonis and Mistletoe is a cute story to get you in the mood for Christmas, but it can be appreciated year round.  Set in Pittsburgh, this contemporary sports romance is suitable to both new adult and adult audiences. 


Renegades PR assistant Paige Martin (from book 3) invites her best friend, Rylee Davis, to a game.  After the event, Paige takes Rylee down to the ice where she twists her ankle and then meets Renegades General Manager, Nick Talon.  In book three, we learn that Rylee dated Paige’s brother, Scott, who passed away.  Since then she never had another relationship. 


There are a lot of cute Christmas scenarios throughout the book.  I love that both Nick and Rylee hear sleigh bells throughout the story.  Nick is very creative with the many ways he surprises Rylee.  His actions are very impressive and swoon-worthy.  He is a good guy who is very respectable.  I enjoyed the various signs and symbolism in the story.  Zambonis and Mistletoe is a touching story that is perfect for the holidays.


While you could follow this book as a stand-alone, I would at least read book three first because we are introduced to Rylee there.


Complimentary copy provided via in exchange for an honest review.