Feel the Burn (Dragonkin Book 8) - G.A. Aiken

Feel the Burn starts out with Annwyl the Bloody enlisting the help of Rider, Kachka Shestakova, to hunt down the Chramnesind cult that has been terrorizing her domain. While on the pursuit, Kachka and her crew save the Rebel dragon king, Gaius Domitus from slavers.


The characters in the Dragon Kin Series are entertaining.  I like King Gaius Domitus’s character.  He did what he had to do to save his sister and to protect them from his family.  He is ruthless, yet understanding.  He does not let others fight his battles.  I find his humor amusing. 


Rider, Kachka Shestakova wants to make a name for herself. I like how she seems to let things roll off her back. I enjoyed her chemistry with Gaius. 


The Daughter of the Steppes made me think of the Amazons.  The female chauvinism is a little over the top.  They are drolly mean and belittling to men.  They are fierce and full of vengeance. 


Feel the burn is full of wit, action and adventure.  The dialog cracked me up. I enjoyed all the bickering.  The plot has a lot going on. 


Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.