Charming  - Dannika Dark

Seven-hundred-year-old Packmaster, Prince, finally meets a woman he desires as a potential mate, Katarina Kozlov.  She also happens to be the daughter of a man whom he owes his life, a man who has gone missing.


Dannika Dark does a considerable job with her character development.  I think it is admirable that Katarina is a bounty hunter.  She is tough and wants to something meaningful with her life.  I love how loyal she is.  She is the total opposite of her twin sister, Nadia, who is very refined (more like Prince).  Prince has witnessed a lot throughout the centuries.  He dresses well and is sophisticated.  He exudes Alpha.  I think it is great that he appreciates Kat and is not a snob.  Their conversations are entertaining.  I love that she brings him up to speed on modern lingo.


Vladimir Romanov is an interesting advisory.  He is cruel and cunning.  The characters have a fascinating history that attention grabbing.


I appreciated Dannika Dark’s environments and descriptions.  I especially appreciated the atmosphere Prince created at the basement level of his home.


I enjoyed the plot.  It was creative how the characters’ lives intertwined.  The story is fast-paced and exciting.  There are numerous mysterious twists.  I love that members of the Weston Pack make appearances in the story.  Charming is a great compliment to the Seven Series.  It is a wonderful read for lovers of paranormal romance.


Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.