In the Company of Wolves (SWAT) - Paige Tyler

I loved Paige Tyler’s In the Company of Wolves.  She created an action pact and thrilling novel that I could not put down.


The setting takes place in contemporary Dallas, Texas.  The story starts at a warehouse with SWAT agents trying to take down some criminals who happen to include other werewolves.  SWAT shifter Eric Becker thinks he finds his “one” Jayna Winston while on the mission and needs to figure out a way to help her.


Eric is a great character.  He will do whatever it takes to Jayna and her pack.  In the SWAT series, some people are dormant werewolves needing a life-threatening trauma to trigger their animal.  Eric was turned after an undercover case went wrong.  I love that despite that fact, he goes undercover to help Jayna.  He is heroic, caring, and smart.


Jayna has had a tough life. Regardless she predominately wants to the right thing.  She loves her pack and will do anything for them, even if that means risking her own life.  She is brave and quick on her feet.  She grew tremendously in the story.


There are multiple bad guys who are well-developed and threatening.  I like how Eric and Jayna respond to the various situations they undergo.  I also, appreciated that once again, it is Cooper who discovers his pack mate’s secret and helps his friend out. 


I love the SWAT series.  Paige Tyler keeps outdoing herself with each book. Each story in the series feels like it belongs.  The plot was fascinating and full of excitement.  There were unexpected twists.  The characters and story are believable and thrilling.  The conflict was well resolved.  I cannot wait for her next story.


Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.