Shattered Restraint (Moon Virus Book 4) - Cassandra Lawson

Danny was recently changed into a vampire against his will. Half-breed Lynx Shifter Quinn uncovers secrets about her heritage. The two turn to each other for encouragement and their attraction to each other grows.


I did not realize Shattered Restraint was part of a series when I started reading it. The more I read about the support characters; I had a feeling that there were other stories that took place before this novel. I discovered there are three earlier books. That being said I had no problem following the story. I really liked Shattered Restraint. I have a feeling, I would have appreciated it even more if I read it in order.


I really like Danny. After watching his dad’s murder at the age of four by the hand of vampires, it is no wonder he has a dislike for the species. To be turned into something he hates would be extremely difficult. Quinn has her own set of issues. The two are a perfect support system for one another and help each other cope with their problems. They both have good friends and family. They are likeable characters that I wanted to see flourish.


There are a few of antagonist in the story. They all have fascinating motives and are convincing. I especially ended up liking Cord, the leader of the Cougar Shifters.


The plot was interesting, fast paced, and full of twists. The story was well-written and easy to follow. The ending was well resolved. Cassandra Lawson has created an intriguing and believable world. I really enjoyed this story and have already put the previous books on my “want to read” list.


Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.