Ryker: A Cold Fury Hockey Novel (Carolina Cold Fury Hockey) - Sawyer Bennett

Carolina Cold Fury goalie Ryker Evans is a single dad with a year left on his contract. Gray Brannon is the first female GM in the NHL. The last thing the two should do is mix their personal and professional lives but their attraction to one another is hard to deny.


Sawyer Bennett scores another victory in the Cold Fury Hockey Series!


I had been looking forward to hearing Ryker’s story since he befriended Zack in book three. The two teammates became good friends with a lot in common, especially both being single fathers. Ryker is a great person. I love that the big tough hockey goalie is afraid of spiders. He is a good dad and teammate. I appreciate that he takes chances.


Gray is an inspiring heroine. She in super intelligent with a credible background (Ryker’s nickname for her is perfect). She is an Olympic hockey player, which proves her commitment and dedication to the sport. I think it is brilliant that she was also a goalie. I love her use of statistics; her analysis was innovative and impressive.


I appreciate that Sawyer Bennett includes the players from previous books in this story. Zack’s side story was charming.


Ryker is a realistic and believable story that I adored. Sawyer Bennett is an incredible writer who kept me engrossed through the entire novel. The story is full of action and drama. It had some worthy adversaries who challenged the main characters. The Cold Fury Hockey Series continues to be a winner.


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