His Perfect Wolf (Mystic Wolves Book 2) - Elle Boon

Single dad and Alpha of the Mystic Wolves, Niall Malik, finds an injured woman in his territory that lost her memory.  His Perfect Wolf by Elle Boon is a heartwarming story with a sole parent who lost his true mate to an accident. Niall is still young, but he did not think he would ever find happiness in a mate again.  Alaina Strop sparks a romantic interest in him that he thought was long dead since the death of his mate. Having lost her memory, Alaina is obviously uncertain about many things, but she has a good intuition while struggling to remember her past.  Roger Strop and Rickard are cruel and dangerous antiheros that are chauvinistic and easy to dislike.  They add suspense to His Perfect Wolf.  The story takes place in the Mystic, South Dakota in a current time setting.


I have been looking forward to reading Niall’s story ever since I read book one, Accidentally Wolf.  Elle Boon has a fantastic writing style that I truly enjoy. Elle Boon does a commendable job describing the events and surroundings. Niall is a worthy hero.  I like that Niall is a good leader and father.  He is a compassionate and strong person that will protect what is his.  Alaina Strop is a fascinating character.  I admired her for leaving her pack and seeking a better life.  She is a brave and likeable character. Many interesting twists happen throughout this story.  Elle Boon did a fantastic job developing multiple conflicts throughout the story.  Her character development is thorough.  The action was nonstop beginning to end.  His Perfect Wolf by Elle Boon is a great story for anyone who enjoys paranormal shape shifter romances.


Reviewed by Diane Lynch for Readers' Favorite.