Delayed Penalty: A Pilots Hockey Novel - Sophia Henry

Auden Berezin gets a job translating for a Russian minor-league hockey player. Too bad the client winds up being, Aleksandr Varenkov, the person that hit on her at a bar the previous night.


Delayed Penalty was an enchanting book rich with emotion and real-life issues.


Auden is a remarkable character. She has lost many people in her life and rightfully has abandonment issues. Despite that she has a good heart, is a self-starter, creative, talented, and smart. She is studying to be a social worker. She is in the right career path because she goes above-and-beyond to help others. The story is told from her perspective, making her easy to comprehend. I love that she sings in a band. I sing in a band, so I totally related to all of her nervous/stage presence issues.


Aleksandr is a pleasant surprise. He initially comes off as a jerk, but we discover his real personality, the more Auden and him get to know each other. He is a talented and protective. He has lost a number of people in his life, thus able to relate to Auden. The two have a lot in common and great chemistry.


I liked the interpreter aspect of the story. This is the first time I ever remember reading about an interpreter and really enjoyed the angle. The timing was perfect for me because I was at a baseball game the previous week, and they showed an interview with one of the players that had an interpreter. It struck me that I watch hockey all the time and do not remember ever seeing an interpreter, but it would make sense for a minor-league player to have one while learning the language.


Most of the hockey scenes took place in the locker room during interviews. They were believable and well-written. I like that real AHL and NHL teams play the fictitious Pilots and their NHL affiliate the Charlotte Aviators. I also appreciated the discussion of real-life hockey players like Vladislav Tretiak and Gordie Howe.


Sophia Henry did a great job depicting the Russian culture. I enjoyed her writing style; it made me feel a lot of emotions. Delayed Penalty is a great start to the Pilots Hockey Series; a series I will most certainly continue to read.


Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.