Fearless  - Elliott James

John Charming helps nineteen-year-old college student, Kevin Kichida, from being preyed upon by a magical killer.


I love John’s intelligence and humor. He is a walking supernatural encyclopedia. He had me giggling throughout the entire book, even at the most inappropriate times. He is a great hero whom I cannot get enough of.


I also enjoy Sig. She is strong and brave. I find it amusing that she carries a SIG Sauer. She has great chemistry with John; they complement each other.


The imagery was amazing, especially in Dreamtime and the video game. Elliott James does a great job describing every detail throughout this series.


I like how the book organized. First off, I thought it was cleaver that he wrote the prologue/recap in screenplay style. It often takes me a while to remember what happened in previous books, and this was a nice way to get up to speed. I also
thought the chapter titles were clever.


The plot was interesting and rich with information. There were a number of appealing twists. I liked how various mythologies are integrated throughout the story. I enjoy the Pax Arcana and look forward to continuing reading the series.


Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.