Laird Wolf (Takhini Shifters Book 2) - Vivian Arend

Lone Wolf Damon Black is sent on a mission to Scotland to rescue she-wolf Addie MacShay.


Laird Wolf is a fun and entertaining story; a great addition to the Takhini Shifters Series.


I really liked Damon’s character in Copper King (Takhini Shifters #1) and was excited to read his story. Damon is a fun hero. He has a great attitude, for example, at the start of the story, when he arrives in Scotland, the airlines lose his luggage; he is forced to wear borrowed kilts: he embraces the situation and goes with the flow. He has some issues in his past that cause him and his wolf not to get along that adds interest to the story.


I really like Addie. She is incredibly smart. I found her job fascinating. She is also an empath. As a shifter that craves touch, being empathic would not be a great thing. However, it did create some imaginative situations between her and Damon. They develop a fascinating chemistry and relationship.


The plot was very clever, mysterious, and humorous. There were unexpected twists that were well-thought out. I found the scene where the title Laird Wolf came from was pretty amusing. This is a great story for anyone that enjoys funny shape shifter PNR.


Complimentary copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review.