Hockey Is My Boyfriend: Part Three - Melanie Ting

Kelly Tanaka graduates and wants to find a hockey-related job. NHL star, James Frechette and high school boyfriend, Phil Davidson are back in her life, and she needs to make some choices.


Hockey Is My Boyfriend: Part Three was the perfect conclusion to a tremendous series!


I have really enjoyed Kelly’s character throughout this story. We have watched her grow from grade school through after she graduates from college. She is a sweet character and dedicated athlete. I have enjoyed her insights and choices.


It’s hard not to like Phil Davidson. He has known Kelly since they played hockey together as kids. He looks out for her, even when she doesn’t want him to. He truly loves her and is a solid friend/boyfriend.


James Frechette still reminds me of Chicago Blackhawk, Jonathan Towes. So therefore, pretty much perfect. I put him a pedestal in my head, so I was bummed out by the stupid things he does in the story. However, no one is perfect and the things that happen seem very feasible. Needless to say I preferred his positive actions.


The characters in this story are all believable and have their constructive attributes and their flaws. All of them make stupid mistakes along the way creating a credible story. They all grow tremendously through the story.


The plot is realistic and commendable. I like that it is told from the three characters’ point of view. It gives the reader a better insight to the characters’ minds and actions.


I love the amount of hockey scenes in the story. Melanie Ting knows her hockey. The small details, like the differences between how someone tapes a stick, proves her love and knowledge of the sport.


I thought the ending(s) was (were) brilliant. It made me nostalgic for those choose your own adventure books in middle school. Seriously, I love both Phil and James. To pick between the two is not an easy task. I liked seeing the possible outcomes from both sides. It was kind of like seeing what would have happened and what actually occurred. After becoming so invested in the characters, I’m really sad to see this series end. This is a series I will definitely reread.


Complimentary copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review.