City of Fae - Pippa DaCosta

American, Alina O’Connor, was just let go from her reporting job in London. On her way home, she stumbles upon Fae rock star, Sovereign, lead singer of Touched, and hopes to uncover a story to obtain her job back. Alina gets in over her head, discovering a plot by the Fae Queen to overthrow London.


Alina is an interesting heroine. She is brave, determined, and curious. She evolves greatly throughout the story, in ways I would have never fathomed.


I really liked Sovereign aka Reign. You never knew what to expect from him. He is a good person but struggles with some of his past actions. He wants to do what is right but has difficulty where the Queen is concerned.


The Queen is pretty scary. She would freak me out if I ever met her. She is not someone I would want to mess with. She is a worthy antagonist.


The plot is extremely clever. I am usually really good at figuring out what is going to happen in a story. I can honestly say I never saw what occurs in this novel coming. This is one of those stories that kept getting better as you read it.


Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.