Two Man Advantage - V.L. Locey

NHL forward for the Boston Barracudas, Victor Kalinski, insolent behavior gets him sent down to the minors for an attitude adjustment. The persistent AHL alternative captain of the Cayuga Cougars, Daniel Arou, will not tolerate his disrespect.


If I met Vik in real life, I would probably hate him, but reading the story from his point of view, I love the guy. His commentaries, while mean, are hysterical. He is right up my sarcastic alley. Having had a neglected childhood he has a pretty dismal outlook on life. He does not want to let anyone in, because he is tired of getting hurt.


Dan is the perfect individual to combat Vik’s stubborn personality. He is very persistent. He will not let people walk all over him. He is well-liked by his team mates. He’s the team joker. He takes responsibility for his action. His childhood was the opposite of Vik’s. After being assigned as roommates, Vic and Dan got to know each other better.


The Cayuga Cougars are kind of a train wreck. Despite Vic being an all-star player, the head coach of the Cougars, Martin Lambert, is cursing for being stuck with him again. Vik is always a jerk, but as he hangs out with Arou, he starts to become a nicer jerk.


I was happy to hear that V. L. Locey will be writing another book with Vic and Dan. I am looking forward to reading more about what happens in their future. I really enjoyed this fast-paced book and the growth of the characters. Two Man Advantage was full of great hockey scenes and heartfelt moments.


A gifted copy was provided by author for an honest review.