Since Drew - J.  Nathan

Track star and Olympic hopeful, Andi Parker, is hospitalized with dream shattering injuries. While she is in the hospital, she meets college football quarterback, Drew Slater, the talk of the draft. Their encounter will change the course of their lives.


Since Drew is an amazing story with interesting twists. It has a different feel from most sports romances. It is mysterious and original. People that enjoy medical aspects would appreciate this book.


Drew is a great character. He is an amazing football player, but he has secrets. I like how J. Nathan introduces him to us. He is enigmatic and multifaceted. His friend Avery is great. Drew is fortunate to have him.


My heart went out to Andi. She was so close to her dream, only to have it stripped away from her in seconds. She is an amazingly strong heroine. She is persistent. About to graduate from UNC, she has no idea what to do with her life now that her Olympic dream is crushed. She has lived her whole life in pursuit of her goal, compromising her social life. I ran the 800-meter in high school, so I think it’s great that is her event. I’m glad she had Logan as a friend for support.


I love that Andi does not give up on Drew. He has had a difficult life. Drew’s dad is a piece of work. Everybody wants something from him. Andi and Drew were meant to meet each other.


The Epilogue is perfect. I couldn’t think of a better ending. I’m glad J. Nathan will be writing Avery and Logan’s stories. This is the first novel I read written by J. Nathan. She is a brilliant writer with a lot of talent.


Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.