Dark Instincts (Phoenix Pack) - Suzanne Wright

Wolf shifter Enforcers Roni Axton of the Mercury Pack and Marcus Fuller of the Phoenix Pack are paired up to help discover the jackal shifters that attacked and attempted to kidnap the Phoenix pack heir.


I adore Roni’s wit and personality. She is a strong alpha female who can hold her own. Unfortunately, her Alpha brother, Nick, and mother don’t see that and tend to smother her. I appreciated that Phoenix pack respected her after saving their alpha’s son. I like that she is super intelligent, socially awkward, very athletic, and could care less what people think of her. I love how she blurts out strange facts in order to get rid of people.


I love that Marcus truly sees Roni for who she is. I also appreciated that he likes to fluster her and brings out her playful side. Being good-looking and a flirt, Marcus is continually misjudged. He is very perceptive and powerful. His constant need for food was amusing.


The fights between Roni and her brother, Eli, are priceless. The pranks they played on each other kept me giggling throughout the book.


The pack females interrogating the jackal female is another amusing scene. It was very clever.


Dark Instincts is a fast-paced book with a great plot. It is full of mystery and intrigue. The jackals make worthy adversaries and are truly evil. I like how the plot involved an incident that happened to the Axton family in the past. Dark Instincts is a phenomenal book that I truly enjoyed.


Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.