Take Me Away - S. Moose, Kellie Montgomery, Sommer Stein, Golden Czermak

For the past two years, lacrosse star, Treston Parker, has not allowed himself to become serious about a girl. That is until he meets incoming freshmen and lacrosse player, Zara Borzilleri.


This is one of those books that I could not put down because of all the emotion. Every chapter was perfect.


I love Treston character. After a tragedy, he refuses to let anyone in. He struggles with his feelings and guilt. Before meeting Zara, he has no issues using women. He lets them know nothing will come out of their messing around, but most girls are still hopeful. He admits he will not become serious and let anyone in.


Zara is perfect for Treston. They are both star athletes who are loyal to lacrosse. They are hardworking and passionate. They have similar interest and a strong drive. They continually hurt each other despite being crazy about each other.


I like that Jackson is still friends with both Treston and Zara. Having dated Zara for so long he could have easily held a grudge. I like that he was above that.


Lacrosse is such a great sport that I appreciated this story being centered on it. It is nice that both characters played at Duke.


I love that the lacrosse players are like one giant family. They look out for each other and have each other’s backs. They act the way a team should.


Take Me Away is a heartwarming story that was well-written with substantial content. It is a believable story with likeable and realistic characters that grew throughout the novel. S. Moose did an amazing job writing this story. This is the first book by her that I have read. I would definitely read another story by her after finishing this book.


Complimentary copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review.