Three Hours: Seven, Book 5 - Dannika Dark, Nicole Poole

Exotic dancer/shifter, Naya James, needs protection due to girls at the club going missing. Wheeler Cole is assigned as her body guard by his brother/Alpha. Naya and Wheeler have always fought like cats and dogs, but as things unfold they begin to confide in each other.


I love this book. There was so much excitement and drama. I could not put it down.


Poor Wheeler is unjustifiably labeled the black sheep of his family, while his twin, who is the real issue, gets all the love and attention. My heart went out to Wheeler and all he endured to protect his twin. He is a good guy, whom is very misunderstood.


I love that he confides in Naya. Despite their rocky start, the two are actually perfect for on another. I like that Naya is so caring. She has kept her animal a secret due to prejudices and fear. She is a strong individual with a healthy outlook. The confidence in the way she talks kind of reminded me of Pam from HBO’s True Blood Series. For whatever reason I kept hearing her voice and accent in my head, but I did not visualize her looking like Kristin Bauer.


The plot was clever and involved. All the details are perfect and carefully thought out. The story had a bit of everything: humor, mystery, drama, romance.


I also appreciate that we get glimpses of the past Seven series characters, so we know what is going on in their lives.


Dannika Dark is an amazing writer. Each book while related, is very different and just as thrilling. The Seven Series continues to be one of my favorites. I look forward to book six, Two Minutes.


Complimentary copy provided by Enchantress of Books Blog Tours in exchange for an honest review.