Alabaster Nights (The Josie Hawk Chronicles) - Elle J Rossi

Vampire, Keller O’Leary, goes to Nashville to visit his sister and meets his mate, Huntress, Josie Hawk.


This is the prequel to the Josie Hawk Chronicles. I actually read it out of order and enjoyed Keller’s perspective.


It’s hard not to like Irish vampire, Keller. He is patient and strong. I value that he plays the drums. I also appreciate that he wants to be good, fitting in the human world and subjected himself to the Colony (aka vampire rehab).


I enjoyed learning about his background and some of the things he went through.


I like how he, and Josie met in this story and interact with each other.

Alabaster Nights is a well-written novella. It is a fast read that I could not put down and a great start to the series.


Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.