Hunter Reborn - Katie Reus

While investigating the trafficking of vampire blood, wolf shifter Aiden Nicholl, encounters his vampire bondmate, Larissa Danesti, he thought was dead.


I loved Aiden and Larissa’s Story. Kate Reus wrote an incredible novel that was full of action and surprises.


Aiden is a worthy hero. He is strong and caring. I enjoy his personality and the reasons why he antagonizes his fellow male pack mates. He has never stopped loving Larissa; I felt for all he suffered.


Larissa is a well-developed and likeable heroine. I loved her ancestry and supernatural abilities. After being placed in stasis, she handles her reintroduction to the world well. I appreciated her insecurities.


Reus also does an exception job with the side stories and including old characters, while introducing new ones. I enjoyed how little details play out throughout the novel. Hunter reborn is a great addition to the Moon Shifter series.