The Awakening - Dorine White

Fifteen-year-old Kyler Birkwood discovers that he comes from a family of Mages, and dangerous mythical creatures do exist. He must learn to use his magic while convincing the high court they are in peril.


Kyler is a fantastic hero. He takes what he learns in stride and does not give up. He is smart and open minded. He makes commendable friends whom he values and respects. It is easy to like him and his friends.


I especially appreciated Kylers, classmate, Darcy. I love that she didn’t act like a stuck-up princess (literally), and that she did not let being a girl hold her back. She is strong-willed and clever. I like that she is determined and will help defend her family and friends.


White did a great job in developing Mordrake. He is an interesting and powerful villain. I valued discovering his background as the kids researched his existence.


I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. The plot was adventurous and exciting. Many clever things happen that keep the reader engaged. The descriptions are well done and imaginative. Dorine White created an inspirational world that was believable.


The Awakening reminded of the Septimus Heap Series by Angie Sage. It also had some qualities similar to The Hobbit and Harry Potter. It is a fun read for any age and would make a terrific movie.