Dragon Heart - Susan Arden

Leopardess Shay Barclay rebels against her arranged marriage to ancient leopard, Dimitri Necrodemas, by spending the night with Ex-Navy SEAL and dragon shifter Drake O’Connor. But will one night be enough?


Shay is an intriguing heroine. She is stubborn and determined. She starts out a bit naïve and grows a lot throughout the novel.


Drake is a sexy alpha male. I like that he is not one to conform and will fight for what is his. He is smart and strong willed. I appreciate that he will go to great lengths to protect his family.


I enjoyed that Drake’s crew consist of phoenixes. They seem like the perfect friends for a dragon: They both fly and are fire-retardant.


There was a lot going on with the plot that kept the story interesting. The bad guys kept you guessing about what they would do next. Shay and Drake have multiple obstacles to overcome. Dragon Heart is well-written and very descriptive, making it an enjoyable read.