Cold as Ice (The Warriors) - Charlene Groome

Defenseman Devin Miller has been traded to the Warriors and is looking forward to his six-year contract and settling down. Sports anchor Carla Sinclair thinks Miller is overpaid and has no problem voicing her opinion of him. Despite the conflict, neither can stop thinking about the other.


I enjoyed Devin. He grew up without a dad and yearns to have his own family. He is very private about his personal life. He values honesty. He is a good man, frequently going to visit kids at the children’s hospital.


I appreciate that Carla has been successful in a male-dominated field. She is confident in her professional life but the opposite in her personal life. It is understandable considering her history. She wants to have kids to an extreme. She assumes that her and Devin have different values, when they are really a lot alike.


I thought there were a few too many exclamation points at the beginning of the book. At first, I found it distracting, but I got over it. That being said, most of them were in a bar scene, and people are more animated in that type of environment.


Cold as Ice is a believable novel. The plot was carefully thought out and entertaining. A lot of things happen to make them revisit their past. I enjoyed the characters and story.


Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.