Sweetness - Lindsay Paige

Emily and her father move to a new town. After being mistreated by her mother, Emily feels unworthy and hopes to be ignored. She is paired with hockey star Jake Benson on a class assignment. Jake is intrigued by Emily and wants to discover more about her and make her realize that she is special.


I love that Jake saw something in Emily and wanted to get to know her better. Having a difficult life himself, he notices Emily’s odd reactions and wants to help her. Jake has a good heart. He takes care of his little brother, Drake, because his father doesn’t. He is responsible and caring.


My heart went out to Emily. Her mother put her through hell, doing some serious damage. I was glad her father rescued her from her situation, and that she befriended Jake and Drake. She is brave and honorable. After what she went through, she deserves good things to happen to her. Unfortunately, some not so pleasant events continue to plague her. At least this time around she has a better support system.


Drake is such a sweet little brother. It is easy to understand how Emily could become attached to him. He makes her comfortable and able to laugh.


Sweetness is a heartwarming story. Lindsay Paige did a wonderful job with every aspect of this story. The plot is realistic and touching. The characters are well-developed and convincing. I just fell in love with Emily, Jake and Drake. I became so invested in them; I have no choice but to continue reading the series to see how their lives evolve. I didn’t want the story to end, and I am relieved that the book is the star of a series.