Artemis's Hunt - Lia Davis

For the past fifteen hundred years, Artemis, goddess of the hunt, has been mourning the death of the love of her life, Evangelos, minor god of messengers.  She has discovered he is alive and banished to the human realm by her father, Zeus.  Now Artemis must go on a quest in order to let Evan return to Olympus.


After completing Ashes of War, I had to read Artemis Hunt to see what had happened between Artemis and Evan.  Artemis's Hunt is an uplifting novel, filled with excitement.


Artemis is one of my favorite Greek mythology goddesses, so I always enjoy reading new stories with her as a character.  I felt bad that she endured fifteen hundred unnecessary years of grief. She is a likeable character that was easy to route for.


I also empathized with Evangelos.  True to mythology, he had to suffer for the games the gods play.  Having thought that someone you loved was involved with your banishment could not have not had been easy.  I’m glad they found out the truth and were given the opportunity to make amends. 


I like that Ty and Ashlynn were included in this book and helped out with the mission.  Ashlynn is a good daughter.  I thought it was cute that she was playing match maker between her parents.


For a short story, Artemis Hunt is packed with loads of action and entertainment.  It is wonderful contemporary continuation of Greek Mythology.