Iron Cross: The Dartmouth Cobras #6 - Bianca Sommerland

Iron Cross begins with Tyler, Luke, and Scott having a pretty bad day that downward spirals through the novel. My heart went out to the trio. I enjoyed that the book revolved around the three different stories of the best friends and their relationships.


Tyler has grown a lot through this series, especially during this novel. He discovers things about himself, and he decides to take his life to the next level. He is so young and maybe not innocent, but he is sweet. He seems to become the glue for everyone around him. He is one of those people that everyone loves and will look out for.


As always, Bianca Sommerland, does a great job with the hockey scenes. She makes them easy to visualize, as if you were at a game or watching it on TV. She also does a fantastic job at describing the team dynamics.


There are a lot of BDSM scenes in this series, so if you are not comfortable with that keep that in mind. They are, however, well done. I find the mental and emotional aspects of those passages fascinating.


I loved Iron Cross! It gave me a lot of new favorites: book in The Dartmouth Cobras Series; Cobra, Tyler Vanak, and cover of the series. I relished that the book included all the past characters. I appreciated reading multiple plots in the same book. It made the experience seem even more realistic and captivating.


Complimentary copy provided publisher via in exchange for an honest review.