Enslaved By the Others (An H&W Investigations Novel) - Jess Haines

Private Investigator/Other Specialist, Shiarra Waynest, has been captured by vampire slave trader Max Carlyle. She needs to rescue her friends and escape but will she be able to do it before Max breaks her.


I felt for Shiarra. She is a worthy heroine who cares deeply about her friends; especially Sara, whom she considers a sister. She struggles while being held captive, this makes her believable and human or sort of human. I admire that she is relentless and a fighter.


Max is a well-done bad guy. He is evil and cunning. It is easy to dislike and not trust him.


Enslaved By the Others is well-written and has non-stop action that will keep you guessing the outcome of the story. The plot was exciting and heart-stopping. Enslaved By the Others is a brilliant urban fantasy that stimulates the imagination.


Complimentary copy provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.