A Perfect Trade - Anna Sugden

4 ½ of 5 Stars


Professional hockey player, Truman (Tru) Jelinek, life has been on a downward spiral. He decides to help the one person he ever loved, Jenny Martin, obtain a dream. However, Jenny is not sure if she can forgive him for the mistake he made in their past.


I love Tru. He’s a good guy and wants to take care of the people he cares about to a fault. He seems to bend over backwards to make amends to Jenny. I felt horrible for him that everything seemed to go wrong for him at once. He means well and I felt people were a little harsh in their reactions toward him.


My heart went out to Jenny. She had so many unfortunate things happen to her. It is understandable why it would be difficult for her to let Tru in. That being said, I loved the scene where her younger sister, Lizzie, was mad at Jenny: It was a bit of an eye-opener for her.


Tru’s mom, Karina’s misuse of slang cracked me up. Being first-generation American, I

could relate the situation.


I enjoyed the plot. So much was going on but everything was believable and compelling. I have read a lot of hockey romances, and it seems that most of them portray the organization as a family. The Perfect Trade presented the Ice Cats as more of a business. This is a fascinating point of view, one that is probably more realistic.


Complimentary copy provided publisher via manicreaders.com in exchange for an honest review.