Hunter's Heart (Alpha Pack, #4) - J.D. Tyler
Ex-Navy SEAL, Ryon Hunter is a member of Alpha pack, a top-secrete team of shifters with Psy powers that fight the worlds' threats. Unfortunately, Ryon’s gift can be overwhelming; he sees ghosts. He is constantly tormented by their visits not knowing what they want from him. Twice he has come across the most beautiful ghost he had ever seen. Even more shockingly he could talk to her, hating that he had to inform her that she is dead.

Wildlife biologist, Daria Bradford, is plagued with visions and the gift of astral projection. That gift came in handy the night she was attacked while observing a wolf pack in the Shoshone National Forest. Being close to death, she projected herself to the handsome man she had recently had a vision of in hopes that he would be able to rescue her.

Ryon discovers Daria is his mate and needs to determine how to inform Daria of this life-changing event. Meanwhile, it appears that Daria's destiny is more entwined with the Alpha pack then thought.

Once again, J. D. Tyler does not disappoint with Book Four in the Alpha Pack Series, Hunter’s Heart. This thrilling tale takes us deeper into the Alpha Pack world. Hunter’s Heart has everything you could want: action, adventure, suspense, romance, and shapeshifters. If you love paranormal romance, I highly recommend this book and series.

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