Fall of Night - Rachel Caine
Claire Danvers was accepted to the graduate program at MIT. She was given permission to leave Morganville. Claire is reluctant to leave her friends but wanting to pursue her dream of attending the school of her choice. She is enrolled in an advanced study program, under the instruction of former Morganville resident, Professor Irene Anderson.

Things were left unsettled in Morganville between Claire and her boyfriend, Shane. Unbeknownst to Claire, Shane follows her to Boston to keep an eye on her and be ready, in case she needs him. Good thing he did because who would have ever guessed vampires do not just exist in Morganville. The question is, are the vampires really the bad guys?

Rachel Caine does a fabulous job of keeping this series refreshing and new; an incredible act for the fourteen book in a series. Never did I feel like I was reading the same story over again. Fall Of Night is an original thrilling adventure. Not only that, it leaves you yearning to read the last book in the series, Daylighters.

ARC provided publisher via manicreaders.com in exchange for an honest review.