Beauty and the Wolf - Marina Myles
This novel begins in 1818 England the morning of Lord Draven Winthrop’s wedding. He wakes up in the forest next to a barmaid after being attacked by a wolf. Strangely he has no wounds from the previous night’s assault.

At age sixteen Draven was institutionalized after a Gypsy’s curse becoming known as the Earl of Madness. Now a werewolf, Winthrop is not the only one that has been damned. His bride, Isabella Farrington, has been cursed by the amulet of the Princess Tousret. According to the prophecy anyone that has worn the amulet will kill their love and then themselves. Good thing the couple is not in love, for now. The only thing that can undo the prophecy is the enchanted bracelet of Amenhotep.

Myles does a good job transporting the reader back into the 1800s. The story has many interesting plot twists and was an enjoyable read.

ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.