The Demon's Desire - Kendra Leigh Castle
Meresin is the Fallen Angel of Storms. He is the only angel, who is a weapon, able to wield lightning. Unfortunately, that gift (or curse) came with a price it is eating away at him, making him unredeemable in his eyes.

Drusilla (Dru) is a two thousand-year-old vampire of noble blood, sister to the king. Ever since kissing Meresin, she has been infatuated by the Fallen Angel. She is the only person that can calm Meresin.

In order to prevent his destruction Meresin needs to return to the place that fused him into a weapon, purgatory. He is used to being a loner, never relying on anyone. However, knowing he needed her help, Dru accompanies him to their presumed death.

I really enjoyed this book. You couldn’t help to cheer Meresin on. The Deamon’s Desire is an original and entertaining story. Kendra Leigh Castle is an exceptional creative writer.

ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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