The High Druid's Blade - Terry Brooks
Long ago, Paxon Leah’s family ruled the Highlands with magical weapons. That magic has now been lost.

Paxon’s sister is abducted; he uses the ancient family sword that is hanging over the fire place to rescue her. Imagine his surprise when he unleashes magic from the weapon. His life will be changed forever as he joins the Druid Order in an effort to prevent evil sorcery.

Paxon Leah is an admirable character. He goes from a simple to complex life. He handles himself well, growing along the way. I like that Paxon is loyal to his family and friends. He is a good man and easy hero to like.

The High Druid's Blade is an entertaining novel. It is carefully thought out and imaginative. It moves at a fast pace. It has mystery and suspense that will keep you guessing. Once again, Terry Brooks is off to another wonderful fantasy series.

Complimentary copy provided by Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.