Seven Years - Dannika Dark
Lexi Knight’s brother, Wes, died seven years ago in a tragic motorcycle accident. Not only did she lose her brother back then, but she lost his best friend, Austin Cole. He was like a member of the family and her childhood crush but after Wes’s death, he deserted them.

Austin Cole has secrets. He’s a shifter and Wes demise wasn’t an accident. Now on the seventh anniversary of Wes’s passing Austin is back, and he’s there to stay.

Dannika Dark did an incredible job with Seven Years the first book in the Seven series. The flow of the book is perfect. The characters are diverse and interesting. The plot is fascinating and full of surprises.

I was really happy to discover this is going to be a series. I just did not get enough from one book. I want more. Six Months book 2 in the Seven Series cannot come fast enough.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.