Darkness Rises - Dianne Duvall
Two hundred-year-old Immortal Guardian, Étienne d’Alencon, discovers a beautiful vampire hunter while on patrol. He is instantly intrigued with her. He uses her as bait and follows her in order to slay the vampires she has attracted.

Krysta Linz has been hunting vampires for the last six years. One night while on patrol, she came across more vampires than usual. Just when she thought, she might be in trouble a vampire comes to her rescue. However, he is no ordinary vampire; his aurora is different. Instead of being orange it is white with swirls of purple.

Darkness Rises is exciting from the first page. This action pact novel is thrilling. I love the interaction between the characters. The different personalities of the individuals make the story all the more interesting.

Typically, I prefer to read series in order. That being said a reader would have no problem following this book without reading the others.

Dianne Duvall is an amazing writer. Darkness Rising is well-written and creative. I’ll be anxiously waiting for the next book in the Immortal Guardian Series.

ARC provided publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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