Realm Walker - Kathleen  Collins
Juliana Norris has a unique gift. She can see magical signatures allowing her to know what kind of paranormal creature inhabited a space. This makes her an exceptional Realm Walker for the Agency.

Juliana has a number of secrets. This includes who is her father, how she can come back to life after she dies, and that she is the mate of master vampire, Thomas Kendrick; a vampire that has been out of her life for the past seven years. Now Kendrick has returned, no longer able to fight his need for Juliana.

If all that is not enough, a demon has taken a personal interest in Juliana. She has to stop the demon before he destroys all her friends and loved ones, including Thomas.

Kathleen Collins does a commendable job with the first book to the series. Her characters are multidimensional giving the story credibility.

Realm Walkers is full of excitement and action. There is a ton of stuff going on, but it is easy to follow and a hard book to put down. Realm Walker is an excellent book. I am really looking forward to continuing reading this series.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.