Omega (The Penton Vampire Legacy) - Susannah Sandlin
Matthias Ludiam has been given the okay by the Vampire Tribunal to bring down the leaders of Penton, Alabama. His attack forces Penton’s inhabitants to retreat into Omega, Their underground stronghold. The tribunal doesn’t realize Matthias has ulterior motives, among them repossessing the son he abused.

Vampire and former US Army officer Randa Thomas is the assigned partner of Will Ludlam. The two are like oil and water, or so they think. After being trapped together after an explosion they discover they may be more alike and attracted to each other than they originally thought.

Will Ludlam is loyal to Aidan Murphy and the town of Penton. He will do anything is his power to protect its inhabitants even if it means sacrificing himself.

Susannah Sandlin does it again with her third successful book to the Penton Legacy series. Her books just keep excelling. The reader becomes more engrossed as her characters and story develop further.

I am really interested in seeing where her spin off series Omega Force is going to take us.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.