Absolution - Susannah Sandlin
Mirren Kincaid (aka the Slayer) is the former executioner of the Vampire Tribunal. After realizing the people he worked for are worse than the people he was told to kill, he faked his death. Now it has been discovered that he is alive and serving as Aidan Murphy’s second in command in the small vampire/human town of Penton, Alabama. Having been ambushed by six men, Mirren is captured by one of his former employers at the Vampire Tribunal.

Matthias Ludiam feels threatened by Penton and has made it his personal mission to ruin the town. While making a stop at a convenience store, Ludiam discovers a human with some sort of special powers. Hoping to use her to ruin Penton, he kidnaps the girl, abuses her, shoot her up with drugs, and feed on her along with his men.

Glory Cummings refuses to give into her captors. Matthias Ludiam frustrated with her insubordination decides to feed her to his starving captive Mirren Kincaid in hopes of bringing the Slayer back to the Tribunal. Little did he know that Mirren would have more control, and Glory would see him as more than a monster.

Susannah Sandlin wrote a fantastic sequel to Redemption. You become engrossed with the characters the more you learn about them. This multilayered novel is an enjoyable read with lots of interesting plots.

The Penton Legacy is a must-read for lovers of Paranormal, Fantasy, Vampires, and Romance.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.