The Book Of Shade - K.C. Finn
Lily Coltrane is attending her first year at a university in Piketon, England. She joins an extra-curricular club called The Illustrious Minds Literary Society. The club attends a monthly showing of strange carnival-like performances at the Theatre Imaginique. Lily is intrigued by the proprietor, Lemarick Novel, who is an illusionist that seems to be able to manipulate the elements. With the help of the Book of Shade, Lily will discover how Novel accomplishes his feats.

This is one of those stories that definitely gets better the more you read it. Once you get into the part of the tale that discusses the Shades the novel gets hard to put down.

I really enjoyed the interaction between Lily and Novel. Their emotions are all over the board which makes the story interesting.

K. C. Finn created an imaginative fantasy realm that is action pact and captivating. There are interesting twists and a lot of mystery. I really enjoyed The Book of Shade. It seemed enlivening and diverse from the books I typically read.

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.