Redemption - Susannah Sandlin
Vampire Aidan Murphy has founded the peaceful town of Penton, Alabama, consisting of vampires and bonded humans with pure blood that have never been tainted with a vaccine deadly to vampires.

Dr. Krystal Harris has unknowingly been sought out for her uncontaminated blood and background by the town of Penton to replace their recently murdered doctor. Arriving at Penton for a job interview she ends up being kidnapped by Aiden. Trouble is she is beginning to fall for the handsome vampire.

Many at the governing body of the Vampire Tribunal, feel threatened by Aiden Murphy and the army he is building in Penton. Matthias Ludiam is one of those vampires. He secretly sends a killer to infiltrate Penton, Aidan’s older brother Owen.

Redemption sets the foundation and is a great start the Penton Legacy Series. This action pact book is exciting and hard to put down. I enjoyed the characters and community of Penton; both having a lot of depth. Penton is a worthy community were the inhabitants feel that they finally belong.

Susannah Sandlin did an admiral job with the start of the Penton Legacy Series. I can’t wait to read book two, Absolution.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.