Dominated - Becca Jameson
3 1/2 of 5 Stars

Every two years the Albertson Family hosts the Wolf Gathering. While Kathleen Davis, was in attendance, she is approached by a wolf claiming to be her mate. Knowing she had no connection with the wolf, she hides from him to a nearby room simultaneously stumbling upon her real mate.

Gabriel Albertson has been avoiding the Wolf Gathering for years. While in hiding his mate happens upon his room. Gabriel was stunned that she was too young for him, thus being rude to her and offended her. Later, he discovers that Kathleen was older than she looks. Now Gabriel needs to find a way to apologies to his mate.

Dominated is a fun and entertaining story. It is a quick read that was easy to get through in one sitting. The dialog is entertaining, and the characters are likable. It is also a good example of why you should never assume anything. I always appreciate shape shifter / werewolf novels, and Dominated was a pleasurable read.

ARC provided publisher via in exchange for an honest review.