Full Moon on the Rise (The Emerson Academy Series) - Natalie Carlisle
Kale Rollins is a student at Emerson Fox Academy, for shifters. He transferred to the school, so he could keep an eye on his younger adopted brother, Scout. There has been a lot going on in his life. His adopted mother has gone missing. His newly discovered real brother, Trey, is leaving town just when he’s getting to know him. His girlfriend has imprinted on fellow werewolf, Miller. Oh and someone is trying to kill him because he is a werewolves.

Full Moon On The Rise is a fast pace entertaining novel. It is exciting and will keep you guessing. It also has many interesting twists.

Natalie Carlisle did a wonderful job with this sequel to Shifted. She did a great job developing her characters, making them seem real and believable. Plus the story is fascinating and original. If you enjoy novels about shape shifters don’t pass up the novel.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.