Love and Other Games is a really great anthology, especially with the Olympics coming up. I loved that all the stories are connected by the same Olympian Legend. I really liked that multiple Olympic sports are represented.

Often when I read anthologies, I appreciate one story more than the other and am disappointed with some. That was not the case here. Each tale was wonderful. I enjoyed the entire book.

I liked all the characters. I also appreciated that they represented different countries. I particularly had a fondness for Brenna in Kara Leigh Miller’s Ice Gold. She is a photographer for the U.S. Hockey Team. I photographed my college hockey team for the school newspaper and associate press, so I could relate.

There is a lot of humor in the book with people doing some crazy/comical things while at the Olympic Games. This is a great book for anyone who enjoys: romance, humor, spots, mystery, and the Olympics. If you want a feel-good book that will make you smile and laugh, I suggest this book.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.