Marked by the Alpha - Adaline Raine
2 1/2 of 5 stars

Dani is a Lone Wolf that always relied upon herself and avoided becoming part of a pack. Alpha, Mason Daniels, discovers that hunters are after the she-wolf and marks her for protection. Unfortunately, the mark is ignored and Dani is taken prisoner. Now Dani is forced into pack life.

The dialog in Marked by the Alpha seemed abrupt to me. This caused me not to feel connect to the characters. I would have liked some insight to the characters' thoughts and emotions. There were occasional quick references to why people did what they did, but I felt it wasn’t established enough.

This was a short book, 63 pages on my eReader. The concept was interesting. I think a little more development and a couple more pages could have added a lot to the book.

Complimentary copy provided publisher via in exchange for an honest review.