Big Stick - Kelly Jamieson

 Kelly Jamieson’s BIG STICK lights the lamp.  It is the seventh book in the Aces Hockey series.  Nick Balachov is grieving over the three-year anniversary of his brother Aleks’ death.  He wants to be left alone to drown in his sorrow.  Then teammate, Max Hall, talks Nick into renting out his coach house to single mom, Jodie.  Being alone is no longer an option.  This sports romance is suitable for adult audiences.


Kelly Jamieson does a wonderful job with her character development.  Jodie is Kendra Armstrong’s (book 5, SLAP SHOT) business partner.  The two own a sex toy company.  Jodie and Kendra relocated their business to Chicago from New York.  Jodie has a two-year-old daughter named, Zyana.  Jodie is a talkative and smart engineer.  Nick had a rough childhood.  He feels guilty for his younger brother’s death.  He feels undeserving of his life.  He is an interesting guy.


I like how Nick, Jodie, and Zyana get to know each other.  I appreciate how their relationship evolved. I love that Nick becomes protective of them.  Nick typically keeps to himself.  I love that he confides in Jodie, especially about his brother.  He starts to want things he never wanted before. 


I enjoyed the plot.  The hockey scenes are well written.  It was easy to visualize what was happening on the ice.  BIG STICK was a perfect addition to the Aces Hockey series. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.