Goaltending: Seattle Sockeyes Hockey - Jami Davenport

Goalie, Martin "Brick" Bricker’s playboy social life comes to a halt when his five-year-old daughter, that he didn’t know he had, is left at his doorstep.  He hires nanny, Amelia Stacey, to help take care of her.  He puts the moves on Amelia, but she’s blocking all his shots.  This contemporary sports romance is suitable for adults.


At first, I wasn’t crazy about Brick.  I liked him more as the story progressed.  I appreciated that he realized when he was being a jerk.  Deep down, he is a good guy who guards his heart.  I like Amelia.  She is hardworking and great with kids.  I felt bad about the things she went through.  They are both broken and help each other become whole.  Macy is a cute kid.  My heart went out to her and all her loss.  I like how her relationship evolved with Amelia and her dad.


I enjoyed the plot.  It was believable and heartfelt.  There were interesting twists.  The characters grew and overcame pertinent obstacles.  There were many humorous scenes.  One of my favorites was when Brick’s teammate, Rush, was babysitting Macy.  I enjoyed the ending; it felt well resolved.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.