Roster Addition (To Love a Wildcat Novella) - V L Locey
  1. V. L. Locey’s ROSTER ADDITION is a touching add-on to the To Love a Wildcat Series. Wildcat's goalie, Veikko Aho, and his wife, Liz, are about to adopt Maggie and Derrick’s granddaughter, putting some strains on their friendship. This contemporary sports romance takes place in Philadelphia. 


In previous To Love a Wildcat and Venom series novels, Veikko and Liz were trying to have kids.  Maggie’s son, Trevor and his girlfriend, Ashley, got pregnant, and they decided to give the baby up for adoption.  Veikko and Liz deciding to adopt their baby.  It seemed like the best thing for everyone; Maggie and Derrick were happy because they would still be involved in their grandchild’s life, the kids knew they were not ready to be parents, and Veikko and Liz would have the family they always wanted.  However, now that the baby is about to arrive, some issues arise that hurt feelings.  V. L. Locey did a great job capturing the emotions of all the parties involved.


 I love that the story is told from multiple viewpoints and cultures.  This is an emotionally happy yet stressful situation.  It is understandable how there can be hurt feelings with the various circumstances.  I especially was moved by Derrick, who was also dealing with other sentiments of retirement and his lifestyle.  I liked how things progressed between him and Maggie.


The Aho’s were very generous and will be good parents.  Liz is a very observant and sweet person.  She is understanding and cares about those she loves. 


I totally forgot that Liz has a pet ferret named Gandolf.  Having two ferrets (named after hockey players) I love that.  I also, like his name, it is perfect for the pet of a writer.


I like how Jane’s experience played into this story.  I love that she confided in Aho and gives him advice to rely on his friends and family. 


At 62-pages, ROSTER ADDITION is a fast read filled with a full range of emotion.  It had a great ending that should be interesting in the upcoming Venom Series book.    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.