Dirty Score (Rough Riders Hockey #3) - Skye Jordan

Skye Jordan tallies up another win with DIRTY SCORE the third book in the Rough Riders Series.  NHL star Rafe Savage is a lady’s man off the ice. However, only one woman has held his attention, and that woman is off limits. She is his best friend and teammate’s little sister, Mia Leighton, and she is like family.  This contemporary sports romance takes place in Washington DC and Los Angeles.  It is suitable for new adults and adult audiences.


I absolutely adored this book.  I could not put it down.  This was Skye Jordan’s first sister-best friend story, and she nailed it.


The characters were likeable and complex.  I love the little family Rafe, Mia, Tate Donovan, and Joe built for themselves.  Joe was a great guy for treating Rafe and Mia as his own.  The four are amazingly close and lucky to have one another.  It makes for a complex scenario, and it is understandable why Rafe tried to stay away from Mia.

Rafe is a great guy.  He is a talented hockey player.  I love that Mia centers him and improves his game.  He is devoted and loyal to his substitute family.  I like his outlook on things, especially his life dreams. 


Mia is a wonderful heroine.  She is a talented clothing designer.  She is sweet and very likable.  I love that she calls it like it is with her brother’s teammates, and that she gets along so great with the WAGS.  She has some major life-changing situations occur.  I respect her for wanting to do things on her own without the help of the boys. 


I enjoyed the plot.  It was believable and skillfully executed.  The hockey scenes were exciting, well written, and easy to visualize.  I like how Rafe and Mia finally hooked up.  They had fascinating obstacles to overcome throughout the novel.   I loved the ending.  I would love to hear more of Mia’s and Rafe’s story and hope they come up a lot in future books. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.