Wolf Betrayed (Talon Pack) (Volume 4) - Carrie Ann Ryan

Carrie Ann Ryan continues to do a spectacular job with the Talon series.  WOLF BETRAYED takes place following book three, MATED IN MIST.  After helping the heir to the Talon Pack, Ryder Brentwood and his mate Leah Helm, human Shane Bruins is captured by General Keith Montag, who conducts experiments on him.  Shane escapes near death and makes his way to the Talon pack, where they discover that Montag tried to change Shane into a wolf.  Charlotte Jamenson and Bram Devlin of the Redwood Pack are the only two that can help sooth Shane’s wolf.  Meanwhile, both packs are on the edge due to impending war.


I loved hearing Charlotte and Bram’s story.  It broke my heart how they were both so tormented that their bond did not work in the previous book.  All three of the main characters have a lot to process.   Charlotte struggles with her past when she was a member of the Central Pack.  She is not really certain where she belongs. Bram has been hiding his true strength.  Shane’s entire life has changed. He needs to learn how to be a wolf.  All three are dominant.  They have great chemistry.  They help balance each other, making them stronger as a unit.  I love the three of them together. 


I enjoyed the plot.  It was fast-moving and thrilling.  General Montag is a dangerous adversary.  The man is demented and truly believes he is a savior.  He does not care how many people he kills.  The story had interesting twists and complications.


Carrie Ann Ryan once again amazes me.  She does an astounding job of growing the plot and characters that started with the Redwood Series.  I’m looking forward to Parker’s, Brandon’s, and Avery’s story next.  I’m curious how Avery is going to be introduced to the packs.  


Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.