Magic Binds - Ilona Andrews

Ilona Andrews’ MAGIC BINDS is a wonderful addition to the Kate Daniels series.  Kate Daniels and Curran Lennart are getting married.  Of course, life is never simple, and they still have Kate’s father, Roland, to deal with and a possible war.  This urban fantasy takes place in Atlanta. 


I love that a portion of this book centers around the planning of Kate’s and Curran’s wedding.  Those two have been together for a long time.  Kate is very amusing throughout the preparations.  She is not your stereotypical bride to be.  I think it is great that they ask Roman to officiate the wedding.


Ilona Andrews does a great job of keeping this series consistent yet refreshing.  The characters continue to be well developed.  Kate continues to evolve.  As always, the story is packed with mystery and action.  There are a lot of interesting political situations. 


Kate makes some unexpected alliances.  She has a lot to deal with in this novel; contending with her power and its effect on her a major issue.  Her relationship with her father is fascinating.  He is an attention-grabbing character and worthy adversary.  I enjoyed discovering Kate’s family history in this story. 


I’m curious, will this still be considered the Kate Daniels series?  Or is it the Kate Lennart Series?  Or the Kate Daniels-Lennart series?  The series formally known as the Kate Daniels series?  Regardless, I enjoyed the ending of the story, and I am looking forward to the next book in the series.


Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.