My Song for You: A Pushing Limits Novel - Stina Lindenblatt

Stina Lindenblatt created another amazing novel, MY SONG FOR YOU, book two in the Pushing Limits Series.  Guitarist, Jared Leigh, bumps into Callie Talbert, the little sister of his ex-girlfriend, Alexis, and her four-year-old deaf son, Logan, at the grocery store.  He soon realizes that Logan is the same age as the child Callie’s sister told him she aborted.  This contemporary rock star romance is suitable for adult audiences. It takes place in California.


I like Jared.  He is a great guy.  He would have stood by Alexis and his baby.  He was heartbroken when she told him she aborted their child.  He is a really good dad.  I appreciated that he learned sign language.  Callie is a sweet heroine.  She has gone through a lot, losing everyone she has loved.  I’m glad she had Mrs. Rogers.  I respect that she has made sacrifices to raise her nephew.  She is a good mother to Logan.  I like that Jared and Callie had known each other since they were kids.  Callie having a crush on Jared, who is four years older than her. 


Logan is adorable.  He seems to win over everyone he meets.  I love that he likes Winne The Pooh and puppies.


Jared has a wonderful family.  Being former neighbors of the Talbert family, I like how supportive they are of Callie.


Jared has great band mates: Nolan (main character from book one), Mason, Kirk, and Aaron.  I like how accommodating and loyal they are.  They are like brothers.  I love that Mason has to keep contributing to the swear  jar.  


Jared’s ex-Tiffany is a piece of work.  She causes some interesting friction in the story.


MY SONG FOR YOU was an incredible story.  I loved the characters and the plot.  The story was believable and well-written.  There were surprises and many obstacles for the characters to overcome.  Stina Lindenblatt is an excellent writer.  She had me engrossed through the entire novel, experiencing a wide amount of emotions.  While I might not have agreed with everything, the characters did, I could easily see their viewpoints.  Pushing Limits is an amazing series.  I cannot wait to read the rest of the band’s stories.


Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.